PWS Tektronix Series DC Power Supply


The PWS Series of DC Power Supplies from Tektronix consists of the following models: PWS2185, PWS2323, PWS2326, PWS2721, PWS4205, PWS4305, PWS4323, PWS4602, PWS4721. Purchase your PWS Series model directly from our stock or request a quote to have us source it for you. We have an expansive network of new and used Tektronix and DC Power Supply suppliers to acquire what you need.

Additional Features:

  • Voltage ranges: 0-72V
  • Current ranges: 0-6A
  • Power: 90-192W
  • Linear Regulation
  • Bright Display
  • 0.05% Basic Voltage Accuracy-PWS2000
  • 0.2% Basic Current Accuracy-PWS2000
  • 0.03% Basic Voltage Accuracy-PWS4000
  • 0.05% Basic Current Accuracy-PWS4000
  • 20 User-defined Setup Memories-PWS2000
  • 40 User-defined Setup Memories-PWS4000
  • Direct Parameter Entry using Numeric Keypad
  • Vary Voltage or Current in User-selectable Steps
  • Accessories Included: line cord, User Manual, Traceable Certificate of Calibration, and documentation CD (includes user manuals and technical reference).

PWS2185, PWS2323, PWS2326, PWS2721

With wide current and voltage ranges, plus 10 mA and 10 mV resolution, the PWS2000 Power Supply Series satisfies a wide variety of applications. Low-noise linear regulation and 0.05% voltage accuracy provide the clean, accurate power you need at a price you can afford.

PWS4205, PWS4305, PWS4323, PWS4602, PWS4721

A wide current and voltage range, and flexible features, make the PWS4000 Power Supply Series a versatile addition to your bench. With 0.03% basic voltage accuracy and 0.05% basic current accuracy, you can be confident in the power supply’s output value. Remote sense capability to eliminate the effect of voltage drop in your lead wires and noise of less than 5 mVp-p further ensures accurate power delivery. List mode and a USB port for remote programming accelerate complex test development. The PWS4000 Power Supply Series generates the power you need for your application – quickly and precisely.

All models of the PWS4000 Series include an overvoltage protection circuit that reduces the output voltage if it exceeds a user-specified threshold for any reason. The PWS4000 Series also allows you to prevent the voltage from being accidentally adjusted above a limit that you specify.

More Information

Current Voltage Power
PWS2185 5 A 18 V 90 W
PWS2323 3 A 32 V 96 W
PWS2326 6 A 32 V 192 W
PWS2721 1.5 A 72 V 108 W
PWS4205 5 A 20 V 100 W
PWS4305 5 A 30 V 150 W
PWS4323 3 A 32 V 96 W
PWS4602 2.5 A 60 V 150 W
PWS4721 1.2 A 72 V 86 W


Tektronix PWS2185, PWS2323, PWS2326, PWS2721

User Manual
PWS2185, PWS2323, PWS2326, and PWS2721 Linear DC Power Supply

Mrunali Bawankar

Mrunali Bawankar