The RQ-Huno is a great kit for educating kids because of the many different builds that can be constructed from the kit. Educators are always looking to find how to make robots for kids’ fun and RQ-Huno’s sophisticated and versatile design is the robot for the job. RQ-Huno is rich in features, great design, visual software, and multiple other programming language options is perfect for students and hobbyist alike, allowing programming and controlling their robot with ease. Set up, program and play in competitions with the RQ-Huno humanoid robot to verse other small humanoid robotic platforms in RoboCup and other robotic competitions. Another great feature the RQ-Huno has is its unique joint assembly system and daisy chain serial bus makes assembling and diagnosing the robot, quick and easy. The robot assembly only requires a combination of joints, rivets, frames, joint frames and screws.

  • What makes the light weight RQ-Huno quick and agile is the exclusive SAM-3 robot actuators that offer an impressive torque of 3kgf/cm. RQ-Huno comes with the ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller and is capable of storing up to 21 motions (11 predefined and 10 user defined) and up to 10 autonomous behaviors. The RQ-Huno comes with an infrared remote control for full control of your robot giving users a complete package. An additional add-on for the RQ-Huno, which is sold separately, is the Bluetooth module that can be attached to the robot and can be controlled via free app downloaded in the Play store for Android Devices.

  • The RQ-Huno is a great robot for hobbyist and students to build, learn, and play. By using imagination and logic, build different robots out of the RQ-Huno kit and learn to program with its visual programming software and other languages for advanced users. SolveLight Robotics wants our readers to voice their opinions, thoughts, and reviews of the RQ-Huno on our Facebook and Blog for a better overall experience, thanks for reading!


  • The RoboBuilder RQ-HUNO Robotic Humanoid Kit is a World's smallest programmable humanoid robot. New robotic DIY kit designed to provide robot enthusiasts with the value of Education and Entertainment and an affordable, feature rich level Humanoid Robot. It includes all the latest technology available in higher end Humanoids (16 DoF, Daisy Chain Serial bus, Obstacle and Sound Detection Sensors, USB connectivity and Android Remote Control app*) while being an affordable Humanoid Platform.

Design Various Robots

Design and build various robots simply by plugging together block-type robotic actuator modules. Without programming, users can download robotic motion files from the internet and play them on the RQplatforms.



  • SAM-3 Exclusive Actuators: The exclusive SAM-3 Robot Actuators offer a torque of 3kgf.cm and an impressive speed. This makes the lightweight RQ- HUNO very quick and agile.

  • Joint Assembly System for Simple and Reliable Assembly: RQ-HUNO's unique Joint Assembly system makes assembling the Robot a breeze. The Robot is assembled using a combination of Joints, Rivets and screws.


  • Wireless Remote Control: RQ-HUNO includes an Infrared Remote for Wireless Remote control. When the Robot is equipped with the Bluetooth Module (optional and not included), it can be wirelessly controlled with your Android Device.

  • 32 bit Micro Controller with Sound and Obstacle Detection Sensors: RQ- HUNO comes with a ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller. The controller is capable of storing up to 21 motions (11 pre defined + 10 user defined) and up 10 Autonomous Behaviors.



  • Standard platform: HUNO (Humanoid type)
  • Size/Weight: 16cm/620g
  • Motion: Basic motion/User download motions
  • DOF (Degree of freedom): 16 servos
  • IR sensor: Detect object
  • Sound sensor: Detect sound
  • Sound output(Melody): 9 melody songs
  • Color: Black
  • Power: 11V Li-poly (50-60 minutes)
  • Internal LED: Blue LED in Smart Servo
  • Bluetooth(Option): Bluetooth Supported


Microsoft Robotics Studio
RQ-HUNO is compatible with the new Microsoft Robotics Studio 4 and the Powerful MSRDS Visual Programming Language. This lets you design advanced Robot behaviors with a simple, flowchart style programming environment.

Motion builder

  • Create new robot behaviors
  • Modify robot motions


Microsoft Robotics Studio 4


Scratch builder-

  • Program with Scratch blocks
  • Instant verification with RQ robots.


Scratch builder V2.0

PDF File

Mrunali Bawankar

Mrunali Bawankar