NI 9403 with DSUB 32 Ch, TTL Digital Input/Output Module



  • National Instruments Corporation NI 9403 with DSUB 32 Ch, TTL Digital Input/Output Module
  • 32-channel, 7S, digital I/O
  • 5 V/TTL, sinking/sourcing digital I/O
  • Bidirectional, configurable by line with shift-on-the-fly capability
    60 VDC, CAT I isolation
  • Industry-standard 37-pin D-SUB connector
  • -40 C to 70 C operating, 5 g vibration, 50 g shock
  • Configure Complete CompactRIO or NI CompactDAQ System
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The NI 9229 is a 4-channel, 24-bit C Series analog input module for use in any NI CompactDAQ or CompactRIO chassis. Designed to be both high speed and accurate, the NI 9229 is an effective general-purpose analog module because of its resolution, sample rate, and input range.

With channel-to-channel isolation, your entire system, including the device under test, is protected from harmful voltage spikes up to the isolation rating. In addition to safety, isolation eliminates measurement errors caused by ground loops because the front end of the module is floating.

EMC Performance
To ensure EMC compliance using BNC connectivity, you must use a ferrite bead, such as NI part number 782801-01.

Recommended Accessories
-NI 9971 strain relief and operator protection (for screw-terminal variant)
-EMI suppression ferrite for NI 9229/9239 BNC (for BNC variant)

Box Contents
-1 NI 9229 C Series module
-1 NI 9229 Operating Instructions and Specifications manual
-4 NI 9976 2-position screw-terminal connectors (for screw-terminal variant)

Mrunali Bawankar

Mrunali Bawankar