cRIO-9932 Backshell with 10-Pos Connector Block


Strain Relief and Operator Protection for NI 9211
• Direct connectivity to the module
• Strain relief and operator protection
• Compatible 10-position connector included
• For use only with the NI 9211 thermocouple module
• NI recommends using the NI 9927 with all other 10-position C Series modules.
• All NI C Series spring and screw terminal modules are shipped with the connectors you need. You can purchase module accessories for extra connectors or for augmented strain relief.

• The NI 9932 connector kit provides strain relief and operator protection from high-voltage signals for any 10-position screw terminal module. It is a backshell for use with the NI 9936 10-position connector, and it is not shipped with the module kit.
The NI 9932 kit includes one backshell and one 10-position connector.

Dimensional drawing in pdf

Mrunali Bawankar

Mrunali Bawankar