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We are happy to announce 'Raspberry Pi Voice Control using the Google Assistant' Workshop.

Need directions to your nearest dry cleaner? Or maybe you need to send a hands-free email? Perhaps you just want to know what the weather's like in Timbuktu. Ask your new little friend – the Google AIY Voice Bot! This Workshop provides the Google Voice Kit plus everything else you'll need to bring your new little pal to life!

This no-soldering-required workshop even includes a Raspberry Pi 3 computer, power supply and microSD card - everything you need to create your very own smart home assistant!

Google AIY Projects brings do-it-yourself artificial intelligence to your maker projects. With this AIY Voice Kit from Google, you can build a standalone voice recognition system using the Google Assistant, or add voice recognition and natural language processing to your Raspberry Pi based projects. The kit includes all of the components needed to assemble the basic kit that works with the Google Assistant SDK as well as on-device voice recognition with TensorFlow.

Date - 21-22 April 2018
Time - 11am to 5 pm
Fees -
Option 1 - For Individuals -
Fees without Takeaway Kit - Rs. 1750
Fees with Takeaway Kit - Rs. 7750

Option 2 - For Team of maximum 3-4 member
Fees without Takeaway Kit - Rs. 3500
Fees with Takeaway Kit - Rs. 8250

If a team or individual opt for Tution Fees only a hands on kit will be provided while workshop and will be taken back after the workshop, if team/individual opts for Takeaway Kit as well then they are allowed to keep the kit after workshop.

For Registration Contact -
Sneha - 9823010300
Email - workshops@mgsl.in

Venue - 29, Shree Madhusudan Oza Marg
Prashant Society, Girivar Society, Navrangpura
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380014

Sneha Gupta

Sneha Gupta