Make a Sellable Product campaign!

Do you dream of developing a hot, new hardware gadget and bringing it to market? Maybe your goal is to make the world better with your product, or perhaps you just want to get filthy rich selling your product.
Developing a project prototype using an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other development platform is a fantastic first step. However, there is still a lot to do if you want to make it into something that can be manufactured and sold to the masses.

Team type - Come one, come all [Individual and team of many people anything is ok]

Step 1- Idea and Research Check
Rules -

  1. You are free to explore the product list available in the design lab in your city/college, most of the products are listed on it will be beneficial if the team designs a product around majorly these parts, but it is not a compulsion though.
  2. Idea should include the following head
    a. Product/Service/Solution name
    b. target audience
    c. Why do you think it will sell?
    d. Block diagram
    e. Features
    f. Technology required
    Please note we understand that this is an idea step and things may change as we move furhter in the dev cycle and that is ok.
  3. To Register you have to email us your team details and idea in .pdf or .doc/.docx format at
  4. Cheattreat - You may submit multiple entries and 1 or more idea maybe selected of same team for next step.
    Team type - Come one, come all [Individual and team of many people anything is ok]
    Last date to Register and submit Idea - 15/07/2018

Next Step - Development and Testing
Creating Roadmap, prototype and mentorship
Selected team will be alloted mentors to guide and help realise their product. Tenative Time alloted - 2-4 Months

Next Step - Analysing

Winning the Best Design Lab for sellable product 2018.

Winner gets to work with us in realizing the product and getting it into the market!

Sneha Gupta

Sneha Gupta